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Rallye Progress

Posted: 17th March 2017 by asteriskr in 106 Rallye S1 8v
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All builds have some degree of ‘acquiring parts’ involved. Mine is no exception.

I now have a full exhaust system thanks to Neb’s mate selling this Janspeed 16v manifold and Mark Yates of 106 Parts doing me a stellar deal on a full 2″ Scorpion Pugsport with the motorsport cat. The manifold might be inline for some ceramic coating in the future, but that’s not a priority.


I also picked up a pair of Sparco buckets before Christmas and in the New Year sales managed to get a pair of side mounts for them. There’s some decisions to be made about the interior and how the seats are going to me mounted to go back in, but that’s quite low on the priority list and will have to wait. It’s looking like the tunnel being modded as per my S2 and new seat bars going in.

Aside from a few bits of trim, next on the list are polybushes all round and then I can get the front end built back up. After that it’s a rear beam refurb. As always the availability of funds limits progress on the parts front, but the big thing now is time – making forwards progress on the shell is about having some availability to do so.

Seeing as work around the house and garden shedding means the garage workshop now has a bench top work surface I can see and use for the first time in 9 months it’s time to crack on with the car again. So out with the angle grinders and spark up the MIG, let’s get back to it!

As part of fitting Colin Satchell’s strut brace, there’s a need to mod the inner skin on a standard bonnet to clear the brace. The thing is that by the time you do that the end result has weakened the structure and if your effort is anything like mine it will look gash. So I’m working on tidying that up and putting a bit of strength back in.

Roughed out
bonnet Mods

Fabrication in progress
bonnet Mods

bonnet Mods

bonnet Mods

Goodbye (Again)

Posted: 15th April 2013 by asteriskr in 106 Rallye S1 8v
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When I bought the Audi S3 back in 2005, I wasn’t offered a very good price for the Rallye as a trade in so I gifted it to my sister. She owned it from May 2005 to about March 2008 when it was back in Norfolk in the Norwich area. It was a bit tired towards the end and need a lot of work doing that she couldn’t afford so it was sold on.

It stayed in East Anglia, eventually ending up in the hands of Simon Hatfield who I got to know quite well though the 106 Rallye Register Owners’ Club. Simone contacted me to send some pics of the car recently. It had reached such a state that it wasn’t economically viable to try and keep it going, so it was stripped for parts and scrapped. A sad ending.

End of Days

Goodbye Rallye

Posted: 14th May 2005 by asteriskr in 106 Rallye S1 8v
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So after many years of happy ownership, a few speeding tickets, quite a bit of fettling (like that time the ignition key was stuck in the rear book lock at a 24hr mountain bike race) and some great driving, I’ve decided it’s time to sell the Rallye. New job, more disposable income, I fancy an Audi S3!

So it’s up for sale, hopefully it’ll go to a good home!

Big Lights

Low Shot

Bit of Rust

Oblique B

Back End

Red Carpets

At the Races

Posted: 1st August 2004 by asteriskr in 106 Rallye S1 8v
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Turns out that the Rallye is a great vehicle for getting to the Mountain Bike races. Over the years it’s done it’s duties getting various buddies to the race venues around the country. This weekend just gone it was the SAAB Salomon Mountain Mayhem at Eastnor Castle in the Malverns.

Rallye Bike Rack

That’s rather loud

Posted: 8th March 2002 by asteriskr in 106 Rallye S1 8v
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The M62 out of Manchester claimed the stock exhaust today. The back box dropped off at 70mph on the inside lane. The car without it is rather loud. Time for a stainless steel Peugeot Sport exhaust.