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Tracking: Done

Posted: 3rd December 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

ATS sorted out the tracking today. Unsurprisingly it was out, but importantly it isn’t anymore. I don’t anticipate much significant progress between now and January, but I have earmarked January and February to remove the rear beam/subframe assembly, polybush it and treat the underside rear of the car to some rust tackling TLC.

Suspension Part IId

Posted: 1st December 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

The finale! Finally found time to get back in the garage and finish this off. Equipped myself with a Dremel from B&Q and ground down the inner bushes from the wishbone mounts so they’d actually fit in the chassis on both sides. Quite a lot of material needed removing, but a grinding stone attachment made quick work of it.

Probably a 2mm difference

Pressed the rear mounts onto the end of the wishbones and used the jack to get everything located properly under the car. Stripped the new NS wishbone down too and uprated that, tidied everything up with some more Hammerite where things had been scratched and scrapped during reassembly. Put the wheels back on and took it for a test drive. Seems tighter and some more noises have definitely been removed from the suspension. Tracking needs to be redone due to the track rod ends being changed so will take it down to ATS to get that done.

photo Photo

Rear subframe is the next job, but while the rear beam is off the car I know that there is a lot of body work to be cleaned up so I suspect that the New Year is going to be my first time to crack on with this. For the record it was absolutely Baltic working on the car. Double layers of pretty much everything needed to stay warm.

Suspension Update

Posted: 28th November 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

Went off to Robins and Day, the only Peugeot Dealer within the M60 around Manchester at lunchtime. They were the nearest place likely to have in the suspension wishbone I needed. They didn’t have it in, but did find another Peugeot dealer with one in stock which could have been mine for the wonderful price of £256. This even had the bloke behind the parts counter surprised and I think he might even have gasped.

I said thanks, but no thanks and headed off to the French, German and Swedish Parts specialist in Trafford Park and picked one up for £55. It’s the exactly the same part for a fifth of the price and I now have a matching pair of lower control arms. No wonder main dealers are infamously known as stealers. I can’t see anyway they can justify that difference. Any way GSF were even cheaper than getting it through 106parts, which would have been about £15 more once postage was factored in even with Rallye Register discount. Suspension rebuild will commence tomorrow…

Not Much to Report

Posted: 26th November 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

Not much to report. Car is still on axle stands waiting for the suspension be put back together. I’ve cleaned up and zinc treated the wishbone mounting points which were showing some signs of surface rust.

Wishbone Mounting Point

I also use inspected some of the bodywork under the underseal which has revealed what I was expecting – jacking damage and subsequent rot. This area of webbing seems to be an area that gets a lot of abuse on 106s that I’ve seen.


That’s going to need some welding work doing.

Spoox hoses have been sent off and should be exchanged for some carbon fibre bits. Off to get the bits and pieces to put the suspension back together on Saturday and found a very good article on headwork

Suspension Part IIc

Posted: 16th November 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

NS wishbone off and stripped down in a fraction of the time that yesterday’s took, which just goes to show that things are a lot easier to do a second time around. Replaced both track rod ends too, which was a fairly simple job…


Just back from the local motor engineers, they’ve pressed the ball joints out of the old wish bone, but then hit the snag that they’re not the same. As I was stripping it I noticed that the two arms were different, but it’s only when they’ve come to press the new ball joints in that the difference has become notable.

OS arm: eb 19733 R03/07 standard sized ball joint


NS arm: MAPCO L04/06 oversized ball joint