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Suspension Part IIb

Posted: 15th November 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

Finally managed to get to the point where it was time to get the car up on the axle stands to tackle the next stage of the suspension overhaul. OS Wishbone came off without any problems and I spent the afternoon hacking, drilling and sawing away at the old bushes until I had one wishbone stripped down. The other I’ll tackle tomorrow, hopefully with fewer broken drill bits…

Tried to press out the bottom ball joint and managed to bend the lever on the 1 tonne vice, so I’ll be taking them to the garage after all. Also turns out that the Spoox coolant hoses are completely the wrong ones for the car. What I need are these.

Suspension Part IIa

Posted: 30th October 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

Popped into the local Citroen garage in between meetings today to enquire how much they’d charge to press some new ball joints into the wishbones if I dropped them in. The guy on the service desk seemed quite shocked that they could actually be taken off the car by someone other than one of the workshop mechanics and seemed convinced that I wouldn’t have the right parts to do the work. They were only prepared to do the job if I took the car in and wanted £220 including VAT for two and a half hours work. To be honest I think that’s a swindle, so the plan is to DIY it now.

I just need a ball joint splitter (from here) and a press. There seem to be a few options on the press side of things, but I really appreciate the concept of this Lotus tool, because it’s a neat bit of kit, but I’m not sure I really need it. The nice folks at the Lotus enthusiast club have done an illustrated guide which is a transferable process for the 106 even if the suspension is differently configured.

I think that a tool for removing and reinstalling the suspension bushes can probably be fabricated from some appropriated threaded rod and used of appropriate washers and nuts, in much the same way that you’d make a DIY headset press. Plenty of food for thought here…


Posted: 28th October 2008 by asteriskr in Driving
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Top birthday weekend away doing some rally driving. It was ace! Chris Birkbeck’s rally school up near Guisborough provided the venue and the hardware…

Sideways Focus

Suspension Part I

Posted: 20th October 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

The car crashing through bumps has been driving me mad, but a drive with a friend at the weekend was quite embarassing, so I’ve decided that it’s time to get cracking on the suspension.

Old ARB Mount New ARB Mount

Fitted the uprated 22mm ARB bushes and a new pair of droplinks*. The test drive afterwards has revealed that some of the noises have been cured, I suspect the remainder of strange noises are coming from the wishbones so they’re next.

New Droplinks

I’m still contemplating whether or not the trackrod ends should be done too. There’s some who reckon so and I’m not sure about the ball joints. My current feeling is to do the wishbones and then see how the ride is. This is going to be irritating if I have to get more work done, but I’m increasingly confident that the Wishbones will be a job that I can do myself.

*The most time consuming part of the job as both lower nuts wouldn’t come off the ends of the threads so had to be sawn off.

New Speakers

Posted: 10th October 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

On a recent drive the speakers kept short circuiting leading to the sound from the head unit cutting out. I decided it was time to fit the new speakers. Doing so isolated the cause – the contacts on the odd Kenwood unit were shorting on the inside of the door. Replaced that and the stock Peugeot speaker from the other door with a set of these Alpine SXE-1325S and fitted them with a fresh set of electrical fastners.

New Speakers

Went to a local machine and parts shop and picked up the necessary stainless steel jubilee clips for the coolant hoses and a bottle of antifreeze. Now have everything I need for that job, except the time to do it. I’m factoring in here that something I’m not expecting is likely to happen at which point I don’t want to be stuck needing a car and not having one, so I’ll leave that until I’m sure I can live without it for a few days…