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Posted: 30th December 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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Bit more progress today… Fabricated up a box for the scuttle.
Tacked Together

Test fitted
Test Fit

Welded up
Welded Up

Tacked in place after this it was ground down to fit.
Tacked In

I thought that I’d taken some pictures of it all welded up, but seems not. Also put the bonnet back on to show the clearance…

Wiper Clearance


Posted: 29th December 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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With the Christmas festivities out of the way and with a few days before needing to be back to work, it has been an opportunity to press on with the project. Previously I had fitted a Citroen AX single wiper conversion to the car. The initial fitment had just made use of some of the remaining brackets in the scuttle, a drilled hole and a bit of shaped aluminium tube and some long bolts with nuts. It was an incredibly fiddly setup to fit or remove, but crucially the position wasn’t right.

The other downsides of this initial setup was that the rear of bonnet had to be modified to clear the aluminium arm on the motor and then without the wiper arm fitted also touched the windscreen (actually having scratched it during the initial fitting). Fundamentally it just wasn’t very secure. So the plan was to created a permanent means of being able to fit the setup without needing to modify the part in anyway. That way should a replacement be required in future it should be simple to fit another on straight in.

So the remaining brackets were taken out saving half a kilo, although of course two new ones were going to need to go back in. Getting the necessary position required the bottom of the scuttle cutting so that the mechanism could fit. With this chopped it was possible to work out some of the positions and create the first bracket.


This was then welded on, but for various reasons it didn’t give the position needed for the wiper. A bit of modification to change the angle and a height increasing spacer welded on gave the correct setup. So with the main bracket fitted, a smaller one was made for the other mounting point and also welded on. Both brackets feature captive nuts to aid simple fitting.


AX mechanism fitted:


The reason the scuttle had to be chopped! The next job is to box this in to restore the bulkhead. I had also forgotten that when I took one of the initial brackets out of the scuttle, I had managed to tear the bottom of the scuttle panel and that this had then needed a skim of filler. I used today to weld this up and a few other holes to neaten things up. The last job was to remove the cracked from the exhaust tunnel that the left hand steering column support mounts onto, saving another 400g – it’ll need a bit of tidying up further down the road.


Back to Welding

Posted: 14th December 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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Well managed an hour tonight, looking forward to getting some quality time on this over the next few weeks. Seeing as I am going down the heated windscreen route and have stripped out the heater matrix and blower, there was another hole to fill in the bulkhead. Stitched the steering rack support whilst I was at it.


The top of the scuttle is a mess so will need a bit of work. First thing was to chop out this bit


And welded in a new section. Also welded up the seam where the lower part of the scuttle had been cut. It’ll look better once I’ve cleaned it up with a flap disc in the grinder.


Fuel Cell Container

Posted: 8th December 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Kept this plan low key so far, but will need to get the angle grinder out again soon as I’ve had a recent arrival. The container is here…

ATL Fuel Cell Container

ATL Fuel Cell Container

ATL Fuel Cell Container

Rack Finished

Posted: 3rd December 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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The beauty of a good finished conversion is all in the details. Steering rack finished and ready to fit when I get around to the rebuild.

Quick Rack