Posted: 30th October 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Pressing on with bits. I am currently working on the brake servo, brake servo mounting, gearbox mount and wishbones. Not very exciting stuff but here are some progress pictures on the wishbones. Finished these last night with a coat POR15 Chassis Coat Black. This is a top coat applied over the POR15 rust prevention coating and gives tough, permanent protection. It is highly flexible, non porous, extremely scratch and chip resistant coating and is strengthened by exposure to moisture and is not sensitive to UV light. Should do the business then!

wishbones wishbones


Chassis Coat Black has a smooth, satiny semi-gloss finish, and looks more like the original equipment finish than the Rust Prevention Paint which is has a very gloss finish. A lot of hours going into this (at least 8 hours in the last week), but it seems to be paying off!

Wihboines finished

Also used some P400 to flat down the previous coating on the steel gearbox parts and gave it a new top coat as I wasn’t happy with the result first time around. The lighting in the garage was to blame as I missed bits! The other bits need a bit more time as they can’t be fully painted all in one go it takes twice as long to do them.

Degreased the engine bay a bit. Took the main linkage pivot for the gearbox off the bulk head – it’s caked in crap. The two wishbone mount supporting rod securing bolts are tack welded to the brackets, which explains why I couldn’t undo them. I’ll have to get the Dremel on them.

A load of goodies arrived in the post today. I ordered three more of the Dronco clean and strip discs (having used two out of the original three so far), some ceramic flap disc wheels and two of each of the types of twisted strand wire wheels. These will be for prepping the engine bay and arches. They should let me clean off the underseal and paint more effectively. The standard wire wheels weren’t lasting long! I am not sure much welding will be needed to be honest. It looks worse than it is so far and due to some money owed still not having turned up, I haven’t even ordered my Portamig yet!

The plan is to get some of the POR15 Whitecoat and a suitable respirator ordered and then I will test it out under the rear beam and fuel tank areas where it can’t be seen. The underside of the rear boot floor was originally just brush painted with Hammerite over POR15 Rust Prevention and has held up quite well. I need to work out if I can paint straight over this or need to strip it back and start again. It is self levelling so it may drip and run if the coat is applied too heavily. As always plenty to be getting on with!