Posted: 26th November 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Okay, not much action happening but plenty of other things. I am convinced that I passed my driving test before January 1997, but wasn’t on the UK mainland when I took the test (I was offshore on Guernsey) and can’t remember the exact date. My Guernsey driving licence had to be traded in with the DVLA when I came back to the UK, but only shows the date it was issued by DVLA Swansea.

I have had to write to the Guernsey vehicle licencing folk and to ask them to look up the exact date I passed and then I will need to try and get the DVLA to amend my licence to include category C1 (lorries between 3.5 and 7.5 tons), D1 (passenger vehicles for nine to sixteen people) and vehicle plus trailer combinations. The relevance/importance of this comes into play if I want to tow the car on a trailer behind the van.

Carbon Trumpets

Also I have sent some of the carbon throttle body trumpets off for repair. Two of the four were slightly damaged around the lip, but Bic is fairly sure that they can be put right, so I’m leaving it to him and Merv to sort them out. I have spent the last few nights polishing and prepping a pile of parts to be sent off to Colour Anodising up the road in Radcliffe. This includes the inlet manifold which has taken many, many hours. Anodising doesn’t hide any surface imperfections like paint, so you want a good finish before the process is undertaken. Fingers crossed on these bits. The anodising will add some protection to the surface of the aluminium and stop them from oxidising.


Finally a few bits have started arriving for the next big push on the body work. I needed some brushes for getting into nooks and crannies so I will give these a go. The magnets are for holding panels prior to tack welding.