Tool Arrival

Posted: 14th February 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Needed a few bits and pieces to crack on with the car. First up some tungsten carbide die grinder bits to grind down welds in trickier to reach areas.

Tungsten Carbide Die Grinder Bits

Also picked up some Clecos. These are a product derived from the aerospace industry where they are used to hold sheet metal skins on wings prior to welding or riveting. They’re spring loaded pins that are compressed with the tool and inserted into a drilled hole in the two panels to be joined together. When released from the tool the cleco pins hold them firmly together.


Finally these were my bargain eBay purchase – some extra grinding stones…

Assorted Grinder Bits

  1. Jed says:

    When you use those carbide cutters do take care as the metal removed will be mega sharp small slivers that just love to burrow into your hands. After doing my exhaust the other month I hate touching my workbench as I still find the pesky slivers of metal.