Throttle Bodies Test Fitted

Posted: 27th November 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Good bit progress today. Fitted the inlet manifold and throttle bodies to the head and mocked up the trumpets to show the lack of clearance.

Engine Throttle Bodies

Measured up and then craned the engine out so I could get busy with the angle grinder. Whilst it was out thought that I would take a photo of the Baker BM engine mount. Really impressed with the thought that has gone into designing this. It replaces the stock 8mm bolt with a machined 12mm setup it’s going to be a lot stronger.


With the scuttle chopped craned the engine back in and fitted the trumpets to the TBs. Despite the measurements, it didn’t fit perfectly as a bit more chopping was needed but managed to get there in the end. I am also going to make the letter box another 10mm bigger top and bottom to ensure that the trumpets aren’t coming into contact with the bodywork.

Engine Throttle Bodies

With that engine out again and split from the gearbox. Box needs to go and see Mankee for a health check. Engine’s back in the stand.