8v Update

Posted: 27th April 2013 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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Drivers side front wheel arch repairs all done and under new stone chip protection and paint. I also managed to get the majority of the crap off the arch and sill with just a few little bits to do – under the gunk it has the slight patina of stone chips and gravel rash that comes with ageā€¦

Peugeot 106 wheel arch

At this point I was feeling quite positive and up beat about nearing completion. Then I noticed the state of the front bumper mounting It looks to be mostly flaky rust. Time to get busy with the angle grinder again… it’s not looking too wonderful.

Bumper mounting

After taking the bumper off there wasn’t much left. It literally just fell to bits.

Bumper mounting

The bumper’s off so I can sort this out and spray it up again.