That didn’t go to plan

Posted: 19th February 2001 by asteriskr in 106 Rallye S1 8v
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The idea was nip down to Norfolk for the weekend with a mate from the bike shop, race mountain bikes around Thetford Forest and be back to work on Monday. All went well until about 10 miles from our destination where it turned out the road surface out of a series of 90 degree bends was sheet ice and even Michelin’s finest winter rubber was not going to save the Rallye. 30mph was reduced to zero in the space of about 10m of slick tarmac, a soft verge and then a hedge. A hedge with a tree in it. An a low, but substantial branch.

The latter did a fairly good job of taking out the radiator and oil cooler on the block. The main trunk of the tree did a proper job on the already battle scarred bonnet and wing (miraculously not destroyed another headlight and indicator) instead damaging the chassis rail leaving the car raised off the ground with both front wheels spinning in thin air. As we sat there in stunned silence watching the steam escape from the coolant system, the only though was that we were both alive and had not been impaled by any branches.

A sheepish call to the RAC had a breakdown truck with us 45 minutes later and some local blokes revealed that this was a well-known frost hollow and they were often at the same spot in winter. Our February off was not entirely my fault. The car enjoyed a car transporter ride home and fortunately another mate gave us a lift to the race but the car was in poor shape being completely un-drivable.