Sadev Part 2

Posted: 4th March 2016 by asteriskr in K16 PUG
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With help from Stuart Trundle and a 400mile detour north of the border on the way home in the snow I have a sequential gearbox again, this time with all the internals and it came with a box of spares. There is a slight issue of now having two bellhousing adapters neither of which fit an EW however and a hefty quote for a new one being made up. I have quite a few Sadev TU specific parts I will now be selling if anyone is looking for ST75-14 bits.

In a pics or it didn’t happen fashion:


I spoke with Harry Hockly today and they think that they did the bell housing adaptor for Bic which makes sense as the rear engine mount that they fabricated was bolted to the back of it. This is the only picture I have:


They’re looking to see if they still have the CAD files – I hope so!