New Heart

Posted: 4th August 2015 by asteriskr in K16 PUG
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Might need to change a few things back to how they were meant to be…


I bought basically most mechanical and electrical parts off the front of the GTI 180 donor car. Engine with both manifolds, box, all ancillaries, loom, Ecu, etc. Not had a chance to really look at it all yet.

In terms of management I am planning on a DTA S60 which will do switchable maps, full sequential/CoilOnPlug and cam control as well as anything esle I’m likely to need. The advice from Sandy Brown is that on a well written map on an atmo engine, there’s little point in having multiple maps – his view is that it’s a gimmick without any meaningful control over cylinder filling.

The South West’s expert engine builder also tells me that the variable cam phasing on the RFK engine is little more than an emissions device really, so cam control isn’t even that important over 1500 RPM. I had been thinking about the S80, but Sandy advises that all it really offers over the S60 is fully sequential twin injectors and four wheel traction control, neither of which are likely to be of any use for this build.