Goodbye Workshop

Posted: 18th December 2013 by asteriskr in K16 PUG
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After 8.5 years effectively renting in the current place, I am moving on and the wife and I will be buying our first house together. I’ll be saying goodbye to a double garage which I shouldn’t complain about because it’s allowed me to do loads, but it’s given me a very good idea about what I want from a garage and workshop in future. Only having two power sockets is limiting, no insulation is bloody cold, metal roof structures cause condensation like nothing else and if you don’t want leaves, fag ends and other crap blowing under the door, then you need brush strips (which I did fit in the end and will be taking with me) and bare brick and concrete generate loads of dust. Fingers crossed everything pans out in the New Year – look out for a build thread on

Final prep work on the car confirmed that it’s never simple to get stuff done. The OMP seats and sidemounts won’t fit. The tunnel still has the winged section on it that the standard seats mount onto and consequently the seats are either up against the door bars or up against the tunnel. The mounts welded to the seat bars are not equally distanced from the centre, it’s a good thing that they are in the wrong fore/aft positions anyway otherwise I might be quite upset. The need to chop them out is confirmed and I will something like I did on the Rallye (as per the pic below) in future.

Rallye 16v Interior

With everything that needed to be loaded up, the car has gone into hibernation…