Posted: 14th October 2015 by asteriskr in K16 PUG
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Bit of progress in that I did a deal with Bic last month and once Sandy tracks them down should have the exhaust manifold and flywheel on the way up North.

I’ve partially stripped down the EW and put a load of surplus bits for sale on eBay. Just need to split it from the box but have been waiting for time to properly clean it first as I hate selling dirty kit and it needs a good degrease. I have got as far as fitting the Hockly engine mount back on.

Ultimately this is progress but I can’t work on the car until I have a home workshop again and that is somewhat distant as a prospect for a variety of reasons. Working on that front.

In terms of next steps I have been stuck in a dilemma over what to do with all the TU stuff I have. Off the top of my head:

  • JP4 with 708s and lightened flywheel with clutch comes with Omex 600 and loom – had a bottom end rebuild before I bought it and has a ported head. Graphed at about 165bhp.
  • Dan Thorne’s inlet setup which is a long Satchell inlet mani with 42mm Jenveys and carbon trumpets
  • Fuel Lab pressure regulator
  • As new Nissens Rad
  • Dan Clayton’s old Quaifed BE box and all shafts, hubs and mounts
  • My bespoke hydraulic handbrake setup that works off the normal lever
  • Some Streamline Carbon bits
  • Anodised Satchell alternator pulleys and polished alternator
  • Possibly some other stuff…

I had been thinking of getting another Rallye and putting all this in but realistically this is years off and means diverting money from the Maxi. So I am thinking of selling all these on and if I fancy another 106 then buying one someone has already done up. I suspect that urge will continue to diminish as I’d prefer a faster Estate than another hot hatch. Need to work out market values but reckon that should cover most of a Sadev box, but…

  1. The engine has never run in the time I’ve had it so is a bit of an unknown quantity. Might need to get it running first.
  2. It would be a mission to get these bits out of the car to sell them until I have a home workshop.

Based on that happening the next challenge is conversion back to EW. I carefully removed the engine mount Hockly fabbed up as it needed to come out to tub the front arches. Then I needed to mount the TU and BE box to move house back in 2013 so I made a TU mount. That needs chopping out and the EW mount welding back in. Simples eh?

Er no. I’ll need to hire the ST-75 casing back from SWR Motorsport to be able to get the position right which may be more problematic as the original EW bell housing might have been custom.

Then SWR have advised that the ST-82 is the better box for the intended application as a tuned EW exceeds the rated torque on the previous box. That box has a different mounting point to the ST-75 so I’ll need to fab up a new gearbox mount. I’ll need to sell or trade in all the spare ST-75 parts (several boxes of).

Then new inlet manifold and bodies – thinking 48mm Jenveys as before. DTA s60 management and loom. That’s just the work in engine bay…

Then there’s tubbing the rear arches, fitting new seat rails, full respray, new front arches and bumper off the proper maxi moulds (there is a difference with the current Dimma based ones) to properly centre the wheels in the arches. List goes on.