Suspension Update

Posted: 28th November 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

Went off to Robins and Day, the only Peugeot Dealer within the M60 around Manchester at lunchtime. They were the nearest place likely to have in the suspension wishbone I needed. They didn’t have it in, but did find another Peugeot dealer with one in stock which could have been mine for the wonderful price of £256. This even had the bloke behind the parts counter surprised and I think he might even have gasped.

I said thanks, but no thanks and headed off to the French, German and Swedish Parts specialist in Trafford Park and picked one up for £55. It’s the exactly the same part for a fifth of the price and I now have a matching pair of lower control arms. No wonder main dealers are infamously known as stealers. I can’t see anyway they can justify that difference. Any way GSF were even cheaper than getting it through 106parts, which would have been about £15 more once postage was factored in even with Rallye Register discount. Suspension rebuild will commence tomorrow…