Suspension Part IId

Posted: 1st December 2008 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v

The finale! Finally found time to get back in the garage and finish this off. Equipped myself with a Dremel from B&Q and ground down the inner bushes from the wishbone mounts so they’d actually fit in the chassis on both sides. Quite a lot of material needed removing, but a grinding stone attachment made quick work of it.

Probably a 2mm difference

Pressed the rear mounts onto the end of the wishbones and used the jack to get everything located properly under the car. Stripped the new NS wishbone down too and uprated that, tidied everything up with some more Hammerite where things had been scratched and scrapped during reassembly. Put the wheels back on and took it for a test drive. Seems tighter and some more noises have definitely been removed from the suspension. Tracking needs to be redone due to the track rod ends being changed so will take it down to ATS to get that done.

photo Photo

Rear subframe is the next job, but while the rear beam is off the car I know that there is a lot of body work to be cleaned up so I suspect that the New Year is going to be my first time to crack on with this. For the record it was absolutely Baltic working on the car. Double layers of pretty much everything needed to stay warm.

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