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Posted: 10th March 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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Ordered up an FIA specification battery kill switch with Teflon lined T-pull including the resistor.

Once this turned up I was in a position to finish off the scuttle. The top lip needed a couple of sections chopping out and new sections fabricating and putting back in.

Following this I was able to build a panel and reinforcement bracket for the electric kill switch and a eventually the fire extinguisher activator.

Seam welded the panels and following this put the hours in to clean things up and prep it for finishing and then painting it with POR15. After two coats it was time for etch priming. High build primer will go straight onto this.

I fabricated a pair of bumper and wing panel mounting brackets last April. Finally fitted them on this weekend.

One of the things that I have been wanting to do for ages is to replace the tow eyes. The rear one needs to be replaced because the chassis leg it mounts onto is rotten so it’ll need to come off so that it can be tackled and the section replaced. This was going to leave the two eyes odd front and rear so the front was going to need some thought.

Old one off…

Used some cardboard to make a template and then cut it out of plate and tacked it in.

Then worked on the supporting section:

Fabricated it up and welded it all in and trial fitted the tow eye. Went for OMP alloy ones from YB Racing. The mounting has a piece of 5mm steel in it with three M8 tapped threads for the bolts to thread into.


Posted: 1st October 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Few nice bits and pieces arrived over the last few days including the first part of some goodies from Streamline Carbon. I’ll post some pics up of those at a later date. The race battery is now here and saves 5.5kg over the standard battery – more when the brackets and clamps that go with it are considered. I’ve had the PV20 mounting bracket (positioned on the back of the co-drivers footrest) for some time and how this is all going to be installed and wired-in has been mapped out in my head for a while.

PV20 Battery

Also received these from Weld Equip. The peeps over at reckon they’re the best thing you can get for stripping back paint etc to the bare metal. Exactly what I need to tackle the engine bay…

Cleaning Fleeces

Some other bits are in the post to assist with that job. I am considering buying a MIG so doing lots of research at the moment into them.

Tonight I stripped a few loose ends out of the bay and then spent a bit of time separating the box from the engine. It’s now all off the crane and I’ve been able to tidy up to create a work area. The box is filthy – I suspect it has never been cleaned so has 10 or more years worth of crap all over it. Did a little test patch with some citrus degreaser and I reckon it’ll come up a treat with a bit of elbow grease. Engine is on a pallet ready to go to a new owner. I just need to make sure my spare engine loom has all the connectors I need before I sell on the one that was on the car.