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Posted: 28th September 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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So fitted the new catalyst, adjusted the headlights and having re-bled the rear brakes and ensured the compensator valve was free and moving, I thought that I had sorted the problem with the brakes, so dropped the car back in for the MOT retest on Monday. I found that I had slightly over filled the oil so I also dropped some excess out of the sump, which I knew should also help on the emissions side as it would have been burning a bit more oil than it should have.

The Rallye passed on the emissions re-test, but performed even more badly on the brake test rollers than before falling from 45% efficiency to less than 1%. Also one of the headlights still wasn’t correctly aimed and also wouldn’t adjust to the required level. Bugger.

Came home scratching my head and knowing I was going to find it hard to find time to solve the issues. The headlight turned out to be relatively simple, the adjuster ball had just popped out of its socket inside the light fitting so I reconnected the two and it now adjusts on the electric height adjusters and has proper manually adjustment too with a 6mm hex key.

The rear brakes were more tricky. I stripped both the caliper yokes off, cleaned them up and ensured the pads were free to move. I also checked that the calipers were moving freely on their sliders and that the pistons were sliding okay (which they are apart from needing new dust seals). After all this pushing the brake pedal resulted in no movement at the piston, so I moved back to the compensator valve and immediately found the problem:

Compensator Valve

Compensator Valve

The compensator valve lever plate has sheared off where it is formed around pivot on the pin at the top. The bottom half of the plate has then just fallen off the bottom of the pin. As there is no pressure on the plunger at all there’s no fluid going to the brakes. There is no way of fixing the broken part as the pivot pin is non-removable from the compensator body and also the plunger cannot be removed for the lever plate.

I phoned around various motor factors and tried Peugeot parts but couldn’t get a replacement. In the end I ordered a replacement from 106 parts for £25 less than Peugeot wanted. Once it arrives I’ll get it fitted and the brakes bled again. What are the odds on getting all four brake pipe unions undone and the two bolts holding it to the beam off without drama? Answers on a postcard please.

Rear Beam Refurbished

Posted: 25th March 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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I organised a group buy with IM Axle to get the rear beam refurbished. Here it is having just come back with the 23mm torsion bars and polybushes fitted. I also mounted up the AST adjustable rear shocks for the photos.

Rear Beam Sub Frame

N/S Trailing Arm

AST Adjustable Rear Shock