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Posted: 14th August 2011 by asteriskr in Welding
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Update time! Well with holidays and a bit off a lengthy spell battling the N/S inner wing, there’s finally some progress to report. First of all though I managed to pick up a S2 Rallye Gearbox Pinion and Crownwheel that is already prepped and ready for fitting to a Quaife ATB limited slip differential. This has the 16 tooth pinion and 65 tooth crown wheel giving a 4.06 final drive.

S2 Rallye Crown Wheel and Pinion

S2 Rallye Crown Wheel and Pinion

N/S inner wing works are finally complete. In the end I cut out a section I was unhappy with and redid it and it took a lot of time to get it all to a standard I was happy with. The inner wing is currently being prepped for primer. As this was now essentially finished off, it was time to do another job that I’d be waiting to get done – filling in the holes in the firewall bulkhead that are going to be surplus to requirements. One hole is from the fuel lines the other was used by part of the wiring loom. Some of the metal sections chopped out were a little rusted anyway either way it would have needed some attention.

Bulkhead patching

Bulkhead: removed sections

Bulkhead: patched

Welding Continues

Posted: 7th July 2011 by asteriskr in Welding
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Finally getting towards the end of the near side repairs. The final repair panel is now being welded onto the wheel arch side of the inner wing.
N/S Chassis Rail Repair


Posted: 19th June 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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A few months ago I picked up some 3mm steel brackets that were surplus from a refurbishment of our office space. I think that they’re used to mount door closure mechanisms or something similar. Anyway it turns out that they were nearly perfect to make good the repairs to the gearbox mount top plate. Chopped 7mm off each bracket, v-grooved the faces to be joined and welded them up whilst they were clamped down to some thick steel plate to prevent them distorting.

Repair Piece

Once they were welded up, I ground down the welds and then looked to save some weight out of the repair piece. Two 38mm holes later and a tiny bit of grinding gave a good fit. Primed the part up and now just need to v-groove the faces and sort out some further holes for plug welding before welding it on as repair pieces.

Repair Piece

In between primer drying and other work, degreased the engine, dried it off before prepping it with POR15 Metal Ready. Once that had been left to work its magic, it was rinsed off and then left to dry.

Engine Prepped for paint

Engine Prepped for paint

Last thing tonight I gave the block it the first coat of POR15 Engine Enamel. I’ll finish it off with a top coat tomorrow.