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Lightened Dash

Posted: 18th December 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Well over the last week or so I have found bits of time to work on the dash, managing to reduce the weight by chopping out unnecessary bits, removing double skinned sections and hole sawing here and there. No where as near as Dean’s attempts, but I do want it to look standard from the outside. Currently down to 4.4kg, so saved a bit from the original 7.1kg. This is now stage 2 as when it came back from flocking last time I chopped 1kg out as stage 1 weight reduction.


I suppose if I stick at it I could get it down to just under 4kg but we’re probably into diminishing returns now…

EDIT: In the end did some more work on the dash and dropped it down to 4.1kg. Any further weight loss will now affect the visible shape…

8v Update

Posted: 28th January 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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Been doing some work on this car recently. I need to take some more photos, but one of the jobs was a refurb on the cam cover.


Went for a gloss finish in POR15. Added on a new oil filler cap, oil dip stick (as the old one did not plug into the top of the tube) and fitted a new cam cover rubber gasket as the old one was degraded and split.


It was previously getting a bit of oil onto the exhaust manifold cover so this should fix that.

Well the dash on the car was a bit of a state and it needed to come out so I could screw the passenger side airbag section back onto the rest of the dash as it was loose. So while it was out I took it over to Raj at Autoflock and he did the business.


After I put the car back together it just wouldn’t start up. This led to a lot of head scratching, at first I thought the battery had suffered in the cold, but them some testing of the ignition system (no spark being produced) indicated that the ignition circuit was disabled. I traced the fault back to the induction coil around the ignition keyhole. The outer clip must have been caught and this broke the very fine wire. Soldered it back together and plugged it back in and the car started first time.


It’s looking a bit nicer under the bonnet now too.