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Dash for Progress

Posted: 5th September 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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About to become exceptinoally busy with work which will put a dampner on much progress in the coming month or so and as a result I am trying to make a bit of a push on the car. I suspect the biggest development is to finally decide the direction for the build, which is now intended for stage rallying. So with that in mind picked up a few more bits Peugeot Sport France (PSF) style sumpguard and mounting that will need to be welded onto the front of the car.



Wilwood hydraulic handbrake conversion kit was next. The current handbrake has now been drilled with a 2.5mm hole uinto which a locking pin (bit of stainless steel bicycle spoke) can be insterted to make it a fly-off lever by disabling the ratcheting mechanism and will now need a tab welding on so that the bracket that drives the piston can be attached. I need to have a look at leverage ratios to make sure I mount it properly.

Hydraulic Handbrake

Hydraulic Handbrake

My friend Stu who makes a good living out of welding day in day out kindly did the honours on my EPAS column:

Which has meant that I can reassemble the unit and get it back in the car. I just need to finish assembling it with the support bearing and tube that fits near to the boss. What a mission this has been.


Welded in the rear mounts for the fuel cell container – the alloy for the retaining straps turned up today too. Looks a bit messy at the moment, but it will clean up nicely.

Fuel Cell Mounting

Fabrication Time

Posted: 29th August 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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Well had a bit of time away and a chance to get perspective and decide what I wanted to do with the car. Came back with a bit more enthusiasm and then tonight managed to get a good few hours working on the car. Fabricated up some mounting points for the retaining straps that are going to hold the fuel cell in. These are going to be strong. Welded M8 nuts onto some 3mm plate and then welded that to some SWG16 sheet which I then folded and welded up. Might have played with the swager set in the process…




These pair of bad boys will be welded in behind the fuel cell in the hollow where the rear seats used to be and will sit flush at the same level as the boot floor. Then just need to mount the other two plates onto the bulkhead and form up a template for the retaining strap out of some steel and then I’ll get some made up out of 5mm alloy.

Make it Stronger

Posted: 20th August 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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additional bracing

The more I looked at how other builders had fabricated mountings for fuel cells the more I decided that mine wasn’t beefy enough so I have added in some additional sections to cross brace it with box section.

Fuel Cell Mounts In

Posted: 7th May 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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Wanted to press on with things, so back at it again today. After load of measurements, I fabricated up these supports for the fuel cell container.


Capped off the ends to give a nicer finish – you’ll never see it, but it’s all about satisfaction about knowing it’s been nicely done.


Welded in the supports. Needs a bit of cleaning, but they’re solidly mounted now.


Next job to do some more plating to fill holes. As well as this there are a good number to fill in the floor plan and on the bulkhead behind the seats.



Few Things

Posted: 11th February 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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The other little thing I have been working on is the bypass for the heater matrix coolant pipes. Prior to deciding to take out the heater setup I had bought a set of the Baker BM silicone hoses but they were now surplus to requirements with the new heater less setup. So they’ve been chopped in part for the new setup and I contacted Derby Performance Hoses for the step down adaptor and had Gareth make up an alloy pipe for me (it’s lighter than hose).

DPH Hoses

Finally took the plunge and cut the rear bench to drop the fuel cell container in. Need to weld in some proper supports for it now.

Fuel Cell