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New Seats

Posted: 1st July 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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I sold on my Sparco Revs. They were over ten years old and I wanted something with lateral head protection for when I’m wearing the weight of a helmet. I’d previously managed to pick up an OMP HTE on eBay, like it and decided that I’d get another, but then was offered a cranking deal on a pair by YB Racing, the leading UK OMP Distributor. They’re newer seats and completely unused. The test was to make sure they would both fit in the car side by side.


To my relief they do fit. I will need to alter the drillings in the seat bars welded into the cage, moving the holes on the tunnel side another 20mm or so closer to the tunnel, but this is a relatively easy job to do. So two new seats and one seat up for sale…


Posted: 2nd May 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v, Welding
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Finished the repair on the nearside inner wheel arch. I need to grind down and finish up these welds then seam weld this side of the engine bay. Then there’s the repairs on the section where it joins onto the chassis rail, but the chassis rail shouldn’t need any work.

Nearside Inner Arch Repairs

I also managed to pick up this OMP HTE seat at a bargain price on eBay, pretty much a third of what they are new – it still has three years left in date too.


Rallye Trackday

Posted: 1st May 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Had an ace day at the Practical Performance Car Show and the track session was a good bit of fun. Great to put a few faces to names from the 106 Rallye Register and see some of the cars in the metal. We had the largest owners’ club stand as far as I could make out. Mike kindly lent me his camcorder and mount so I will try and get the video up once I find a link cable

Coming off the M1 on the way there the car started making strange car noises. These turned out to all be down to the alternator belt. By the time I made it home the whole tensioner assembly had fallen off, but at least (and somehow) the belt had stayed on the pulleys despite being immensely slack. I’ll need to find a replacement part and make up a new lower assembly again now.

New parts New parts

The new Helmet was very comfy and I’m glad I fitted the roll cage padding as my head would have been banging into the roll cage without it… Parts supplied by YB Racing.