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A Little Progress

Posted: 24th October 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Spent a few hours today working on things. I degreased the gearbox mounting bracket, brake servo and servo mounting bracket. They were all filthy. Once all the gunk was taken off the parts, one of the brake linkage arms actually turned out to be made of brass.

Also cleaned the Wishbones. The wishbones were only fitted last year when I had new balljoints fitted and added Polybushes to them. One of the wishbones was brand new. Both have started to rust up and the new arm is almost as bad as the old one. Clearly the stock powdercoat is rubbish!

All parts were then cleaned up and any rust taken back to the bare metal. Everything was then well keyed with some coarse sandpaper and washed prior to treating with POR15 Metal Ready. I had time to get a base coat of POR15 Rust Prevention paint on the Gearbox bracket and the back of the brake servo. Everything else will have to wait to later in the week.

Gearbox Done

Posted: 19th October 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Gearbox finished tonight and reassembled with all new seals on the driveshafts and input shaft as well as the 5th gear gasket. At the weekend I may flat down some of the black coated sections and apply a new top coat. There are also a couple of spots I missed with the enamel, but in all it is 100 times better than what I started with!

Before & During:

Dirty Gearbox Gearbox being Cleaned

Gearbox Refurbished

Box Almost There

Posted: 19th October 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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The gearbox was finally prepped for paint over the weekend:

Gearbox ready for paint

Subsequently the main alloy body received two coats of POR15 Engine Enamel and the steel bits like the clutch arm, gear selectors and 5th gear cover received two coats of POR15 Rust Prevention Paint and a top coat of Chassis Coat Black. This lot should have cured by the weekend. Yesterday I nipped down to the local Peugeot Parts place and picked up a new 5th gear cover gasket. So I now have everything to put it back together.

Gearbox gasket


Posted: 11th October 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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The gearbox is looking good after two stages of cleaning. POR15 Marine Clean is the weapon of choice and is fantastic stuff at getting rid of the dirt. I filed off some of the rough casting marks then buzzed the box with my range of wire brush drill attachments. It now needs the nooks and cranies takling with the Dremel and then I’ll get it etch primed and ready for painting.

Looked at the wiring again tonight. Stripped out half a kilo just from the loom that feeds through from the passenger fusebox to the engine fuebox. Lots of redundant wiring in that.


Posted: 2nd October 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Stripped some more stuff out of the ‘bay and took the front wings off today and did a few little jobs to tidy up odds and ends. The stuff I’d ordered in the week to start work on the engine bay bodywork didn’t arrive in time for the weekend so I’m doing odd jobs.

Engine Bay

Engine and lighting looms are both off so tomorrow I’ll have a crack at them to identify what’s needed for my paired down engine loom in addition to what’s on the Omex Loom. I also started cleaning the grime off the gearbox, but ran out of Cillit Bang… Still at least you can tell that there’s actually aluminium underneath the caked on dirt and oil. Here’s what it looked like before I started: