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Rallye For Sale

Posted: 6th July 2013 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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MOT Time

MOT was fine, took the car in hot and it was very quiet first thing in the morning. Paddy who runs the local garage and test station has a lot of Irish pals who drop in – one brought their Irish registered Ford F350 Super Duty in for testing – those are flipping enormous pickups.

I replaced the passenger side wishbone after the MOT. When I was cleaning it the other day something didn’t look right so I got the tape measure out. Drivers side measured 4cm tyre to arch at the horizontal midpoint, but the passenger side did turn out to be different – it was bent! The gap measured 5.5cm at the front and 2.5 at the back. Not immediately noticeable but once I realised I couldn’t ignore it. New one fitted now and it measures up square and it’s all back to normal so the handling should be improved.

I bought R187PNK just under two years ago as a restoration project and since then have invested a lot of time, effort and money in transforming it to the current form. In my two years of ownership it has done less than 2,000 miles, being garage stored the rest of the time. The car itself is a pretty much standard S2 White Rallye, on 119k.

The car starts and drives first time every time and is the rare power steering model of the S2 Rallye. The modifications from standard are:

  • Compbrake quick shift which is hidden under a leather gearstick gaiter and topped off with a Sparco gear stick knob
  • Flocked dash
  • Goodridge braided front disc hoses to replace standard flexis
  • K&N air filter
  • Sony MEX-BT3900U Bluetooth/CD head unit. Great for streaming iTunes from an iPhone and needs no wires
  • Rubber floor mats front and rear.

The time has come to sell it on to a new home…

Peugeot 106 Rallye S2 8v Update

Posted: 30th June 2013 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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Well my son was keen to help today so we headed out this afternoon to the garage. I had polished the bumper up in the week and fitted it on. I’ll give it another polish when my new orbital polisher turns up.

With that done, drove the car outside and took both front wheels off so that I could bolt the bumper back on, refit the arch liners and the washer bottle etc. I discovered that both the front arch extensions were barely held on with at least four broken mounting lugs on each side so I riveted them in place from within the arch to keep it looking smart.

I don’t think I posted any pics of the arches after the repairs, but they are now looking quite fresh. There is still some cleaning to do though…


Finally fitted the new lock set I picked up from Simon, but only after fitting it have I discovered that the boot lock doesn’t seem to work. I will take another look at it again tomorrow. That was less of an issue than the ignition and the immobiliser ignition aerial, but eventually sorted that this evening. Finished up with some pics…



Just need to run through the checklist, but all being well should be in for an MOT on Monday.


Posted: 20th June 2013 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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Boot finished and rear arches finished. Just need to get a wiring cover for one of the lights and a wheel nut wrench to go in the holder. Hopefully pick them up of Simon this weekend. It’s come a long way…

Boot arches

Boot arches

Just finishing the front bumper at the moment. Probably a couple of more days to get it finished at the current available time, then I’ll get it polished up and refitted.


Posted: 8th June 2013 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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Drove the 8v outside and washed it today in the lovely weather. Even put tyre shine on!

Boot interior is now in primer. Just need to flat it back and top coat…

Time to get this finished, taxed and tested now so I can find a new home for it.


Posted: 8th June 2013 by asteriskr in Painting, Rallye 16v, Rallye 8v
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Really busy spell at work, down time with sickness and then a bit of time off and now finally back to the cars. The 8v road car was driven outside and washed today in the lovely weather. I even put tyre shine on! The boot interior is now in primer, so I just need to flat it back and top coat and then take a look at the front bumper. It is time to get this finished, taxed and tested now so I can find a new home for it.

Last weekend I pulled the 16v project car out of the garage on it’s trolley for the first time in over two years. It was given a good dusting down and a full exterior wash. I’ve been giving it an interior clean up too and had a few little jobs to do on it, such as finishing plating the OEM holes in the floor plan. Very much getting there with the work on this. I am going to miss it as a car given all the hours invested in it and the good times that were had, but very pleased that soon someone else will be getting it back on the road and track and in a state where there can be some more of this:



I have a prospective buyer viewing it this weekend so thought that I should make it look respectable. If all goes to plan I’ll have a healthy deposit and the necessary parts from the owner to be to get it back to a rolling shell. So in theory everything is progressing nicely towards the target of an empty garage and raising the funds for the next level of Peugeot ownership.