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Long Pause

Posted: 28th October 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Been up to my eyeballs in work for the last month or so and getting very little time to work on the car. In fact haven’t been down to the garage for more than a few hours in all that time. Managed a few hours this afternoon which was a welcome relief.

In the mean time I’ve been working on a few little bits and pieces that I could do late in the evenings. First up I needed a mounting bracket to fit the Dash2 in the instrument binnacle. Following several rough cardboard versions, I made one prototype in alloy before the final one was made:



Fitted together as per the photos, there’s an access hole in the back of the binnacle for the two parts of the loom to connect. I’ll put some edging around it so that the carbon doesn’t chafe the wiring.



After a lot of planning and an initial failed attempt, finalised the steering wheel wiring. I ditched the earlier cable which seemed to be a coiled keyboard lead that had been purchased (although it came from a reputable motorsport electronics specialist) – the signal wires were just too flimsy and I could see no way it would last in a rally car build. The new one was sourced from a specialist in the Netherlands. It’s securely anchored to the wheel giving the wiring plenty of strain relief. Fitted with Cannon ITT Neptune connectors wired in and ready to plug and play 🙂


A while back some one PM’d me to ask if you could fit a Corsa C EPAS without having to cut the dash. I think I said yes. What I should have said was no, but you don’t need to cut too much out to get it to fit.


As you can see form the photo unfortunately the flocking that Raj did is flaking off in big patches. This was one of his early ones, I don’t think he’d perfected the plastic priming process then. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a job to get it redone. With the dash in, it was time to check out the new drivers view…


Finished off the day chopping loads out of the back of the dash. No heater in the car and heated screen going in so there’s no need for any of the built in ducting. I had already cut a kilo out of it reckon that there’s quite a bit more that come out of it.


Posted: 6th May 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Another job ticked off the list as the seat mountings have now been adjusted on the seat rails – positioned, drilled, compression tube welded in, ground down and primed. EPAS is now ready to be chopped and have the Lifeline boss welded on, which means we have a steering position at last.


Few Parts

Posted: 15th November 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Stewart at Baker BM sent out the uprated engine mount bumpers that have just become available…

Engine Mount Bumpers

Also added a rather useful tool to my last order from ProBolt

Probolt Tool

A Little Progress

Posted: 8th November 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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This is the standard speed sensor and mounting bolt on the gearbox.

Gearbox Speed Sensor

I didn’t like the rusty bolt so I’ve upgraded it to a titanium one

Gearbox Speed Sensor Mounting Bolts

It’s a M7 bolt with a 1.00 thread pitch with a length of 16mm. It’s also a cap head rather than a normal bolt head like some of the earlier cars. It’s a rare size so finding one tooks some tracking down, but in the end I sourced one though Singapore.

Gearbox Speed Sensor

Fitted… some other trick bits are in the post to fix up my latest purchase to my exacting standards

Gearbox Done

Posted: 19th October 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Gearbox finished tonight and reassembled with all new seals on the driveshafts and input shaft as well as the 5th gear gasket. At the weekend I may flat down some of the black coated sections and apply a new top coat. There are also a couple of spots I missed with the enamel, but in all it is 100 times better than what I started with!

Before & During:

Dirty Gearbox Gearbox being Cleaned

Gearbox Refurbished