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Wheels Painted

Posted: 14th October 2011 by asteriskr in Painting, Rallye 16v, Rallye 8v
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Dropped some wheels off for refinishing at The Wheel Specialist in Manchester last weekend and picked them up first thing this morning.


Here are the OZ Superleggeras – I like them a lot! These wheels were one of the first upgrades I bought for the 16v car and they have hardly ever been used. The tyres are brand new:


The refurb company I chose are not cheap, but having gone for cheap in the past and been really disappointed I decided sometime ago this is an area worth investing in. The quality is really top notch and it is a good depth of paint. It would be cheaper to buy new ones from 106parts for one set, but as a returning customer and getting two sets done at the same time I did get a good deal In my experience the quality of paint on these wheels from factory isn’t the greatest and getting them delivered without some paint damage in transit does seem to be a common problem.

The refurbed Michelin steelies:


In other news the steering rack for the 16v is degreased and will be in paint this weekend. The leaky old aerial is now off the 8v:

Aerial Base

New aerial mount ready to be fitted with the steelies and a few other parts this weekend.

8v Nearly Ready

Posted: 9th September 2011 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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Finished the brakes off tonight. Used a Gunson easy bleed system to push the fluid through the lines and it worked a treat.

Brakes Finished

Used Dinitrol cavity wax inside the gusset repair sections, plugged them back up and painted the outsides with Gravitex. Will get some pictures of that posted up – shown here with the POR15 Tie Coat Primer on. Next thing is to top coat in Hammerite white and then put the ARB back on. After that it’s back on wheels.

O/S Chassis Rail Gusset in Tie Coat Primer

Talking of which, I finished painting the Michelin steel wheels centre caps during the week.

Steelie Center Caps

Tonight I used a crow bar to prise to the inserts that were in two of the wheels to suit the VTR wheel bolts. Rear wheels are now on.