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Posted: 19th December 2013 by asteriskr in K16 PUG
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Over the last few months it’s been hard to find time to progress the Maxi, nonetheless it has moved forwards. In summary, both front wheel arches are now tubbed for the larger wheel size as per the works cars, the engine mount and gearbox mounts have been reworked to allow for a 1.6 litre TU-based engine (as opposed to 2.0 litre XU) and Sadev sequential box (which was made possible thanks to a loan of a dummy casing from SWR Motorsport) to be fiited. Bit of work needed to finish the job but it is nearly there.

engine bay

Bought one or two things such as this customised oil catch tank, which is a copy of the works tank.

Maxi works catch tank

Tidied up the front end a bit and the car has now gone into storage pending a house move.

Front end

Thursday night I was quite busy and didn’t have much time, but decided I had just enough to finish up the EPAS work. Oh, how wrong could I be. I needed to press fit the inner bearing race onto the machine top hat. This was simple enough, just a case of getting the parts lined up and into the vice.


Once that was done it was just a case of fitting them onto the column. However whereas the top hat spacer had previously slid on and off the column with only a little assistance it was now tight getting it on… So out with the torch to heat it up and expand it. Sure enough, it slipped on fine… until I got about half way to getting it into position then realised that it was back to front. Oh and then I also realised that it had just transfered it’s heati into the column and cooled and was now stuck fast.

It was not coming off. Drifts wouldn’t touch it. Trying to heat it up again wasn’t working because both the top hat and the column shaft were both expanding. At this point the language became quite colourful as I worked out how to get it off again. I tried wrapping exhaust wrap around the column shaft and all sorts of other things. Then I ran out of time.

So after sleeping on it, I decided the only thing to do was to make a press. As I don’t have one I had to improvise. To start with the vice had to come off the bench and be mounted to a structural vertical steel I beam. This meant I could retain the top hat and then use a trolley jack and the application of heat to it to pop the column back out.

It might have looked odd, but it worked to my relief and after a bit of fine tuning with the Dremel I finally managed to get it all together late last night. What a mission – just needs painting now.


Yesterday I took PNK’y for a spin down to Northampton, dropping a gearbox off for Spaget and then heading over to see Bic at Streamline Carbon. There are some great driving roads in Northamptonshire 😀


The team had made me a full carbon tailgate which tips the scales at just under 5kg but is structurally stiffer than the original panel. Merv gave me a hand to get it fitted.


It’s internally reinforced for the aerocatch mountings and the pillars for the mounting a of my AC-Sport kit car spoiler. The exterior is in primer as it’s going to be painted up and the inside surface is raw carbon. I’ve not decided what to do with that. Maybe just leave it as it is.



They’ve also made me a instrument binnacle and I have been working with them to develop a motorsport matte finish. No glossy lacquer here.


It was good to get some driving in and to spend some time with people who are so enthusiastic about cars and making quality product. Keep an eye on the Streamline Carbon website for some more behind the scenes features…

Progress at last. Car went up on my home made ramps yesterday as I need to strip all the suspension of it. I knew how the night was going to go when I couldn’t get the gear box drain plug out and sure enough about half an hour later I called defeat for the night: I had a go at removing the hub nuts and it became clear they were not going to come off with my current arsenal of tools.

Not to be defeated, I opted for beer and an hour on here looking at advice in the forum and then online window shopping. After a lot of research last night on the web, I phoned up my local Engineering Suppliers today and they sorted me out with just the kit for removing hub nuts. 24″ 1/2″ drive breaker bar and a 60″ piece of square section steel with 4mm walls all for £20. Halfords wanted £30 just for the breaker bar (I already had a 30mm hex socket).

Hub Nut Tool

So the DIY hub nut removal tool cracked the hubs nuts off like a hot knife through butter.

Then I became concerned that tonight might go like last night, but I was feeling inventive and was not to be easily defeated, so created home made tool number 2. Driveshaft and Hub Separator:

Separator Tool

The O/S drive shaft was to be separated from the hub. I made this up out of two off cuts of 3mm plate steel. Tightened up the M8 bolts a few times with different spaces on the drive shaft and out it popped.

The Bilstein B8 shocks and Eibach spring based suspension came off the car and was sold.



Then I went to pick up the replacements. I decided to go for something with adjustable settings…

AST Suspension

ASTs with the camber adjustable top mounts. And to complement the front springs, a pair of 23mm bars for the rear end:

23mm Torsion Bars

Finally I picked up that little extra I’ve been after for a very long time… an ultralight Streamline Carbon bonnet. A standard bonnet 13.4kg this one is only 4kg! It uses a honeycomb core for a stiff structure that won’t flap.

Streamline Carbon Bonnet