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Brakes Next

Posted: 29th January 2013 by asteriskr in Rallye 8v
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As you’re all probably bored of looking at bodywork repairs on the 8v Rallye, I’ll save you more photos until I get the job finished and then to a summary photo effort. Tonight I seam sealed the offside repairs tonight with POR15 seam sealer. Once that’s set it’s a case of using the self-etching primer, then it’s Gravitex followed by Hammerite as per the front gusset repairs.

Meanwhile I’ve been kitting myself out for the next job – brake lines! The rear lines were looked a bit sketchy near the fuel filter and although they weren’t an advisory on the last MOT I want to make sure they’re sound. So I’ll be taking the current lines out and using them as a pattern to forming up new ones.

Brake Kit

Took a while to find a decent pipe flaring tool at the right price on the ‘Bay. The Sykes Pickavant one I have came recommended by some hotrod building friends – it’s a proper bit of kit. I ordered cunifer pipe, but looks like they’ve sent pure copper. Just checking on that, if so it’ll be going back.


Posted: 28th December 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Not huge progress really but I am starting to learn how to weld which will enable me to crack on with the rest of the bodywork that needs doing. Much more practice needed, but the advice from the seasoned professionals over at the MIG Welding forum is proving invaluable.

Welding Practice: Day One

I was also lucky enough to get these as a Christmas present from my wonderful wife so I’ve now ordered up the ITT Neptune connectors to run through the bulkhead for the engine bay loom.

Crimping Tool