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Lightened Dash

Posted: 18th December 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Well over the last week or so I have found bits of time to work on the dash, managing to reduce the weight by chopping out unnecessary bits, removing double skinned sections and hole sawing here and there. No where as near as Dean’s attempts, but I do want it to look standard from the outside. Currently down to 4.4kg, so saved a bit from the original 7.1kg. This is now stage 2 as when it came back from flocking last time I chopped 1kg out as stage 1 weight reduction.


I suppose if I stick at it I could get it down to just under 4kg but we’re probably into diminishing returns now…

EDIT: In the end did some more work on the dash and dropped it down to 4.1kg. Any further weight loss will now affect the visible shape…