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GTI Sold

Posted: 30th April 2010 by asteriskr in GTI
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The GTI is gone, but has stayed within the community of the 106 Rallye Register…


That’s the end of the project then and 14 months of ownership. Time to focus on the Rallye.

Back on the Road

Posted: 21st March 2010 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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Dropped the oil, removed the oil cooler, filled it up again with Silkolene Pro S. Fitted the new fan and wired it in. Refitted the bumper and it’s back on the road.


Took it out for a blast today and came home to find out it had thrown the alternator belt. I’ll need to fit another one of those then! The rear beam is also clunking for fun, so that’ll be coming off and going for a full refurb. I picked up a spare set of front suspension struts on Saturday too, so I’m going to get them converted for coilovers. Those two jobs done and the suspension should be sorted.


Posted: 4th March 2010 by asteriskr in GTI
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Took a load of photos of the GTI prior to putting it up on the web for sale.


Full set posted up on Flickr

GTI For Sale

Posted: 2nd March 2010 by asteriskr in GTI
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It’s taxed and tested and looking for a new home.

MOT Time

Posted: 28th January 2010 by asteriskr in GTI
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Finally did get around to taking the GTI in for the MOT. One or two advisories to look at but at last getting there with it!