OMP Superquadro

Posted: 11th February 2012 by asteriskr in Rallye 16v
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This is one of the projects I mentioned. I am not going to run the steering wheel stalks and I will need to be able to control the Race Technologies Dash2 so I have gone down the route of a steering wheel mounted button panel. Mocked it up in cardboard:

steering wheel with buttons

Gave the design some thought and tweaked it, then ordered a carbon panel, fabricated it to shape (dirty messy job) and then ordered up some parts from Simtek for the loom interface.

steering wheel with buttons

Quite pleased with how it turned out. The new steering wheel is an OMP Superquadro from YB Racing. I will be moving to the weld-on Lifeline quick release steering wheel boss pictured, but still need to get this welded onto the EPAS column.