Table of Weights

By asteriskr

Table of weights related to stripping the Peugeot 106 Rallye S2… The standard 106 Rallye Serie 2 is listed as 865kg, but putting in a 16v adds about 15kg. So the ballpark starting weight for this car is about 880kg. All weights in kilograms.

Standard Item
Standard Weight
Replacement Item
Replacement Weight


Steering Wheel
Sparco 345 & Momo Boss
Steering Column Support Bar (Left) 0.48 None 0
Steering Column Support Bar (Right) 0.40 None 0
Standard Door Cards (x2)
Rear Standard Door Cards (x2) 2.00 Carbon 0.50
Parcel Shelf with 2x Pioneer TS A6956 6x9s
None 0
Parcel Shelf Supports (x2)
None 0
Boot Carpet
None 0
Front Door Bin (x2)
None 0
Front Door Handle (x2)
None 0
Front Door Bolster (x2)
None 0
None 0 Safety Devices Cup Cage* 37.25
Front Seats (x2) 31.64 Sparco Rev (x2) 14.00
None 0 Modified OMP Alloy Side Mounts (x4) 3.36
Front Seat Belts (x2) 2.60 Safety Devices Harnesses by Schroth (x2) 3.60
None 0 Harness Eyelet Bolt (x6) 0.24
None 0 FIA Harness Eyelet Plate (x2) 0.20
Rear Seat Bench
None 0
Rear Seat Back
None 0
Rear Seat Belts (all)
None 0
Rear Seat Fastners
None 0
Carpet 7.36 Grip Tape 0.30
Carpet Underlay 4.0 None 0
Headlining 1.5 None 0
Bulkhead Soundproofing 6.40 None 0
Footwell Tar Soundproofing 1.34 None 0
Gear Stick Surround
None 0
None 0
Carbon Panel
Inner Boot Plastic Cover 0.66 None 0
Wheel Nut Wrench from Rear Quarter 0.32 None 0
Standard Dash 7.10 Stage 2 Lightened Flocked Dash 4.40
Dash Centre Vent Panel 0.40 None 0
Dash Centre Button Panel 0.18 None 0
Behind Dash Vent Conduits 0.57 None 0
Stalk Assembly 0.39 None 0
Steering Column Surround 0.40 None 0
None 0 PSF Pattern Carbon Foot Trays TBC

Electrics & Wiring

JVC KD G521 Headunit
Carbon Panel
Alpine SXE 1325S Speakers (x2)
None 0
Front Wiper Mechanism 2.98 Citroen AX Mechanism 2.13
Rear Wiper and Mechanism 1.62 None 0
Surplus Loom Electrical Wiring 1.66 None 0
Electronic Seatbelt Tension Wiring 0.54 None 0
Heater Matrix and Ducting Unit 3.12 None 0
Heater Blower Motor 1.40 None 0
Standard Battery 11.20 Powervamp PV20 5.70
Washer bottle (empty) and pump 0.40 Custom rear washer bottle (empty) and pump 0.20
Washer bottle mounting bar 0.12 None 0
Standard Dash Clocks 0.96 Race Technologies Dash2 TBC

Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust and Engine Bay

Magnex stainless steel exhaust centre pipe section with silencer 6.08 Scorpion stainless steel Peugeot Sport pattern motorsport catalytic convertor exhaust centre pipe section 4.26
Magnex stainless steel exhaust back box silencer (twin oval) 8.26 Scorpion stainless steel Peugeot Sport pattern 3″ back box 6.32
Exhaust backbox heat guard 0.95 Thermotec Clamp-on Heatshield 0.35
Standard 16v Alternator, belt and pulley wheel 6.52 8v Alternator with 16v belt and Colin Satchell alloy pulley wheel 4.92
Standard 16v alternator crank pulley 1.32 Colin Satchell 16 alloy alternator crank pulley 0.22
Standard 16v alternator belt tensioner 1.06 Modified 8v alternator belt tensioner 0.16
Standard 16v alternator mountings 1.12 Alloy and steel 8v mountings 0.26
Standard Exhaust Manifold 10.94 Raceland Stainless Manifold 4.44
None 0 ThermoTec Copper II Heat Wrap 0.61
ECU Cover 0.12 None 0
Battery Cover 0.33 None 0
Horn and Bracket 0.32 PIAA Sport Horn and Bracket 0.18
Lower Battery Tray 0.66 Powervamp PV20 battery bracket 0.23
Standard Gear Shift Linkages and CompBrake QuickShift* 2.44 Colin Satchell SatchShift* 4.12
ECU Mount (steel) 0.65 Alloy ECU Mount 0.20

Wheels, Brakes & Suspension

Speedline Chronos (x4)
(Yokohama S-Drives)
OZ Superleggera (x4)
(Toyo R888s)
None 0 Colin Satchell machined wheel spacers (x4) 2.48
Standard front discs (247mm Vented front discs) (x2) 7.24 Marc Boni modified discs (260mm Vented Discs) (x2) 10.48
Standard Front disc caliper (no pads) (x2) 7.28 Hi Spec Ultralight calipers 2.02
Rear brake compensator 0.82 None 0
Standard Front Suspension Strut (fully assembled with hub, Bilsten B8 shock, Eibach spring and standard top mount) (x2) 34.44 AST Sportline II Front Suspension Strut (fully assembled with hub, shock, coilover springs and adjustable top mounts) (x2) 21.52

Shell and Panels

Standard Bonnet 13.38 Streamline Carbon ultralight carbon bonnet 3.98
Various engine bay brackets 0.10 None 0
Windscreen wiper motor brackets from Scuttle 0.70 None 0
Steering column support bracket from exhaust tunnel 0.40 None 0
Engine Auxillary Fuse Box Bracket 0.12 None 0
Rear Seat Back Latch Brackets (x2) 0.20 None 0
Rear Seatbelt Reel Mounting Brackets (x2) 0.20 None 0
Handbrake and Seat Mounting Plate 2.18 None 0
Roof Bar from Interior 1.34 None 0
Roof Bar Mounting Brackets (x2) 0.20 None 0
Carbon Canister and Pipe work 0.82 None 0
Spare wheel mounting bracket 0.25 None 0
Rear seat belt reinforced mountings 0.72 None 0
Totals 303.68 197.80
Total weight saving to date: 105.88

*Safety Devices 106 Cup Cage – 36.75kg (total)
Windscreen Bar – 1.92kg
Main Hoop – 10.51kg
Rear Section with Harness Bars – 9.94kg
Front Bars (x2) – 3.71kg each
Section Joiners (x6) – 0.31kg each
Door Bars (x2) – 1.70kg each
Fixings – 1.7kg
Shell spreader plates – 0.50kg

*Standard Gear Shift – 2.44kg (total)
Main Linkarm – 0.82kg
Knuckle Assembly – 0.58kg
Compbrake Quickshift, GearStick and Lotus Gear Knob – 0.80kg
Gear Linkage Rods – 0.24kg

*Colin Satchell SatchShift – 4.12kg (total)
Gear Stick Mounting Plate – 0.35kg
Bulkhead Gasket Plate – 0.15kg
Knuckle Assembly – 1.42kg
Upper Rod – 0.30kg
Lower Rod – 1.22kg
Gear Stick – 0.68kg

I should have weighed that…

The stuff that’s been taken out I forgot about.

Aerial lead from roof to head unit.
Bonnet Struts

Misc Parts (other 106 bits)

Standard GTI Airbox and throttle body hose – 1.6kg
Airbag Steering wheel (inc Air Bag) – 2.28kg
Door Seals – 1.15kg each
Sparco Steel Sidemount – 1.16kg each
OMP Alloy Sidemount – 0.94kg each
OZ Racing Ultraleggera with Good Year Eagle F1s (195/45 R15) – 13.5kg each
OZ Racing Ultraleggera – 6kg
Toyo Proxies R888 (195/50 R15) – 8.8kg
Disc Beam – 39.16kg (no discs or disc guards or calipers (compensator fitted).
Rear disc guards – 0.38kg each
Rear disc caliper (w/pads) 2.40kg each
Standard Front disc pads – 0.32kg each (x4)
Droplinks – 0.52kg each
All brake lines brackets and compensator – 2.62
Wing Mirrors – 1.06kg each
Demon Tweeks Co-driver Footrest (modified) – 0.72

  1. Vitor Pinto says:

    Great info! Really good job.

  2. rich says:

    did you forget about the spare wheel,spare wheel cage and the securing mechanism or wasnt any this on a rallye?

  3. Carlos says:


    Would you some time want to sell some of the leftover parts at a firesale price?

    Since there are lesser stock rallyes around, I pretend to keep mine as it is (well, minus the aftermarket parts replaced because the previous owner tossed away the originals to put tacky ones on the poor Rallye).

    • asteriskr says:

      Very few parts left from the 16v project car. They have either been sold already, went onto the GTI project car when I had that or are now going onto the 8v project car. If you are after bits keep an eye on the 106 Rallye Register forum classifieds, always lots of bits for sale.

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